Bernard CONTE has carried out various consulting activities, mostly related to Africa

main projects

Globalization, Information Technologies and Conflicts in Southern Countries: Internet an Information and Prevention Tool (project manager). Client: Strategic Affairs Department, (2002).

CD-Rom on Conflicts Prevention, (project manager). Client: ADPLF and Foreign Affairs Ministry, (2001-2002).

The role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT's) in intra-inter national relations in Africa (project manager). The aim of this project was to evaluate the use of ICT's and particularly of Internet in the fields of economical, political and social relations domestically and between african countries. This project was done for the Strategic Affairs Department, 2000.

Cote d'Ivoire: risk evaluation (economic, social, political...), (project manager) for various clients, of which : Nord-Sud export, Le Monde, HTO... (1998-2001).

Evaluation of the overall Regional Programme of the European Union in West Africa, since 1975. In charge of the sector: Markets and Firms. The team included: DRN (Development Researcher's Network), FSG (University of Oxford); CEAN (University of Bordeaux); IRAM (Montpellier) and a network of local institutions (from Ghana, Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso). The global evaluation has concerned about 350 project titles, in different sectors and areas (1995-98).

Short and medium run impacts of the Franc CFA devaluation on the external trade of Franc Zone African countries members (project manager). Client: Regional council of Aquitaine (1994/1997).

Evaluation of the potential trade of Aquitaine with french speaking African countries (project manager). Client: Regional council of Aquitaine (1993-1995).